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Le projet WASTEred vise à promouvoir l’utilisation de et à encourager la pénétration commerciale de LODOred, un nouveau produit éco-innovateur dans l’industrie alimentaire – abattoirs, entreprises de transformation des viandes et entreprises laitières – afin de réduire les grandes quantités de boue d’épuration générée par leurs stations d’épuration des eaux usées. La réduction escomptée diminuera l’impact environnemental des secteurs concernés, ainsi que les coûts liés au traitement des boues.

You are here:     actualités et événements 27.01.2010 LODOred is awarded in the "International Contest for Innovation 2009/2010" competition
27.01.2010 LODOred is awarded in the "International Contest for Innovation 2009/2010" competition

The European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) held in Brussels on January 27th its 25th anniversary in a commemorative act that gathered all Business Innovation Centres (BIC) of Europe. The objective of this event was to promote Research and Development as stimulus for economic growth and job creation. Furthermore, new technologies also contribute to tackle social challenges such as poverty and environmental degradation. For this reason, United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), organism that direct the Millennium Development Goals initiative, awarded jointly with EBN the innovative companies which have contributed to sustainability and development. The Spanish company BIOAZUL was awarded with the 3rd prize for its product LODOred, a reducer of sludge widely used in wastewater treatment plants in Spain and Europe. This product alleviate one of the most serious environmental effects, desactivation and elimination of surplus sludge of the depuration process. The recognition was given to Rafael Casielles Restoy, representing BIOAZUL. According to his words, pronounced during the event:

“Thanks to LODOred the volume of surplus sludge is considerably reduced, what implies economic and environmental benefits in the plants that use the product. Therefore, it is an incentive in countries with less resources where the high maintenance costs for wastewater treatment plants is an important constraint for their widespread implementation.”

Currently, a new project is being developed funded by the EACI in order to extend the use of LODOred to the dairy and meat industry in Europe. The project name is: WASTEred: waste reduction and process optimisation in the European meat and dairy industry.

Diploma to LODOred