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WASTEred Projekt ma na celu promowanie stosowania preparatu LODOred, nowego i eko-innowacyjnego produktu, w przemyśle spożywczym, ubojniach, przetwórstwie mięsa i przetworów mlecznych firm - w celu zmniejszenia dużej ilości osadów ściekowych wytwarzanych w ściekach przyzakładowych oczyszczalni. Spodziewana redukcja ilości osadu zmniejszy oddziaływanie na środowisko w tych sektorach, jak również koszty związane z zagospodarowaniem osadów.

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BIOAZUL is an environmental engineering company focused on wastewater treatment and sludge management technologies. A strong focus has been given to R&D projects in order to develop and distribute innovative environmental products. The highly qualified staff of BIOAZUL (composed by scientists and engineers) has an extensive experience in the participation and management of R&D projects (including EC funded ones with large amount of partners, such as several Thematic Networks) and in R&D activities in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency (specially concerning biomass), solid wastes and wastewater management, and environmentally-sound agriculture. The activities of BIOAZUL are divided in three interconnected business areas: R&D and commercialisation of own products, commercialisation of 3rd parties' highly innovative products, and Consulting and management of R&D projects.






TTZ was established in 1987 and has about 100 employees (engineers, biologists, chemists, food experts), with a female employee ratio of 60%. TTZ is an innovative provider of technology transfer services and conducts customer-oriented training, research and development. With its worldwide partner network, TTZ has broad experience in the development and implementation of national and international research and implementation projects. It is a highly recognised R&D provider for private companies, esp. SMEs in Europe. Due to these objectives, TTZ is also familiar with needs and problems of SMEs when introducing new technologies and innovative products to the markets. As a technology transfer centre TTZ also provides here support to SMEs.





Spanish Federation of Food and Drink Industries (FIAB)

The Spanish Federation of Food and Drink Industries (FIAB) is an employer's federation (11-20) which brings together most of the Spanish food manufacturing companies (~8.000). The basic function of this organisation is to keep the sector informed about events and processes – present, future or potential- which may affect its operations, and to represent its interests in discussions with administrative and decision-making bodies, whether at national or EU level.





The Andalusian Cooperative Cattle Raising Corporation of the Valley of the Pedroches- COVAP

The Cooperative currently has 14.000 members. The representation body for these members is the General Assembly of Delegates, elected in Preparatory Assemblies. The Assembly names the Rectory Board (including the president). Furthermore, each of the activities has a commission constituted by cattlemen who represent the different areas where the Cooperative operates, whose mission is to elevate different proposals to the Rectory Board for their approval, since it is the decision body.
One of the most important objectives of the Cooperative is the creation of value in the products that the members deliver, and to achieve this, we facilitate them to produce efficiently; we also collect, industrialise and sell their productions in the best possible way. The principal of solidarity governs us, in financing, sales and technical resources.






PROWATER is a fast growing company- catalyst, promoter and facilitator of R&D projects as well as developer and distributor of innovative environmental products. The highly qualified staff of PROWATER (composed by scientist and engineers) has an extensive experience in the preparation, management and participation in R&D projects. PROWATER is currently working in the development and optimisation of a biotechnological own product to reduce the surplus sludge generated in wastewater treatment plants. In addition, PROWATER is working in cooperation with companies and research centres in the development of a new in-situ technology to remediate contaminated soils, optimisation of MBR for wastewater treatment and reuse and innovative technologies for biomass production. Furthermore, PROWATER provides know-how for different companies, manufacturers, who are looking new possibilities to reduce quantity of wastewater or waste.





Brenntag- GmbH

Brenntag GmbH is the German national corporation of Brenntag Holding GmbH, the world market leader in chemicals distribution. We operate in excess of 12 locations with 880 people. We understand ourselves to be the link between the chemical industry and the processing industry.
Brenntag supplies industrial and specialty chemicals and offers a wide range of value- added services for companies that manufacture and process chemicals. We provide the chemical producers with our distribution channels and ensure an economical flow of materials and information between the manufacturing and the processing industries.





European Livestock and Meat Trading Union (UECBV)

The European Livestock And Meat Trading Union (UECBV), founded in 1952, is the mouthpiece of national federations representing livestock markets, livestock traders (cattle, horses, sheep, pigs) and meat traders (beef, horsemeat, sheepmeat, pigmeat), slaughterhouses, cutting plants and meat preparation plants.
In total, some 15,000 firms of all sizes and 230,000 jobs are represented within the UECBV through its national member federations. The UECBV members are interested to promote actions that can help the Meat industry operators to improve the rationality of their activities in a sustainable manner. That's the reason why, a project to promote the reduction of the surplus sludge in activated sludge plants of the meat sector, specifically for meat producers results of great interest. The announced product (Lodo-Red), certified as biodegradable and free of toxic compounds might be applied on several contexts to allow a treatment of sewage with the consequent reduction of the surplus sludge/ mud and the related benefits also for the environment.
The UECBV secretariat is looking forward to encourage the competitiveness of European meat industry enterprises by removing obstacles to their development and supporting an improved environmental performance of all enterprises.